Thursday, July 9, 2015

Princess Legaspi - Cute and Sexy Photos

Credits to FHM Philippines

If you had been Princess Legaspi's classmate in college, you probably did. Our #NewCrush for July took on that nickname after a namesake in class refused to let go of "Princess"—a territorial dispute if we've ever heard one. Although that other girl had a secondary first name, it was this Princess that relented and opted for something we associate more with, erm, potato chips.

We have yet to see that other girl but judging by the photos here, it's safe to say that the name might have fit Ms. Legaspi far better. The Travel Management graduate is the type of girl you'd want to take care of. She's sweet, and blessed with a smile that would perk up any morning far better than any shot of espresso would. (You'd have to be really lucky to catch that smile of hers in the morning though as she admits to being a night owl.) She also endearingly calls herself a Diablo 3 addict, who once played the RPG from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. straight.

She's slim, fit, and has the right amount of curves—something she credits to her dedication to working out. "Gusto ko talaga palaging nag-wo-work-out. If I can do it every day, why not?" she tells us. What's shocking was, on the day of the shoot, Princess confessed that she hasn't been exactly committed to the gym for the past month. Looking at her toned abs and smooth, svelte arms then, we almost didn't believe it.

In spite of her name, Princess is no damsel in distress. Since her days at UST, she had already been living on her own. When she graduated, she didn't want to give up any of that independence so she struck out right after she got that diploma. More than just all the fun nights-out she confesses to ("Treat yourself when you work hard!"), she craves this kind of independence because she wants to be able to continue developing herself and her talents. This young driven lady wants to learn more and doesn't want to do the same thing every day.

And that's probably why you're seeing her today on our pages. A year ago, she hosted a travel show on PTV4 called Upload, a show that gave Princess a platform for sharing her love for traveling (Palawan and Santorini in Greece are unchecked items on her bucket list). Her stint as your #NewCrush for July is merely just another stop in her journey that she wishes to fill with new things rather than routine.

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