Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Aica Sy (Non-Celeb Freelance Model) - Hot and Stunning Sexy Photos

Aica's first dibs at modeling was an open shoot, since then she'd done several photo shoots, bar tours, ramp, and considers doing car shows as her favorite so far because she can do cute poses and dreams of getting her own sports car one day.

Quote from FHM - The first time we met Aica Sy she told us of her new found love affair with ice cream cakes. And just like her lusting for her favorite sugar-filled treats, we instantly developed a certain craving for her sweet innocent face.

And who won't, right? After all, this sweet dish is such a honey that you'll love to spend time with her. Get her tucked in within the comfort of the four walls of your living room and just spend the whole weekend watching DVD's one after another. Or have her share with you her fave ice cream cake while you walk in a park... Forgive us if we're rambling. The point is, Aica Sy's so fine we couldn't get her out of our mind.

And something so fine shouldn't be kept under wraps this long (or be awkardly iscusse by a slightly lecher of a writer). On that note, let's all now become willing diabetics for this sweet, addictive babe, named Aica Sy.

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