Friday, June 6, 2014

Yhen Ricaplaza - Hot and Sexy Photos

There are a lot of things to thank the Mayans for. There is, of course, the infamous End of the World prediction, which led Jay Sean to prompt the world over to party like, well, party like the end of the world, and which we all gladly succumb to, weekend after weekend. And then there are chocolates.

After being discovered and cultivated by our Mesoamerican friends some centuries ago, these cocoa wonders have been sweetening up a few of those deadly, erm, sins, if you may. Cover with chocolate and it will taste good, women, insects, especially crickets, you name it.

So it’s not surprising, that chocolates often make their way into the bedroom. In the early times, chocolates were popular as an aphrodisiac. Today, they’re one of the more commonly used materials when couples want some kink.

We just forgot to ask Yhen Ricaforte, a self-confessed chocolate addict and a bona fide FHM 100% Hottie if she does the same, if she uses her favorite sweet treats in a sexier way of eating them. As for now, enjoy her appetizing curves worthy of a nice set of mouth-watering photos. Sweet isn’t it?

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