Friday, June 6, 2014

Nikki Palma - Hot and Sexy Photos

She couldn't stop giggling. Was there something on our faces? Were our questions far too inane? Have we finally become masters at making girls laugh? As much as we wanted to believe it was the latter, it really wasn't any of the above.

She just happened to be in good spirits that day, which is all that we men could ever ask for whenever we find ourselves deep in conversation with a woman. Especially with someone as heart-stopping as Nikki, our hottie for the month of October.

We couldn't stop staring. Was it because her face reminded us of Lovi Poe? Was it her playful eyes? Her full lips? Her heavenly curves? For all those reasons, we couldn't stop staring. But rude as it was, who could blame us? Nikki's that girl who you just can't take your eyes off of.

Once we got to talk to her, she claimed to have a thing for men who can sing, which prompted us to ask ourselves: Is it finally time to take voice lessons?

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