Friday, June 6, 2014

Kyoko Amano - Hot and Sexy Photos

Nagpa-blood test ka na ba? Baka kasi type mo ko. - No, we're not trying to give you some funny pick up lines here, or just simply giving you a hint on how corny our minds work. This is just how simply Kyoko Amano - excluding her evident sexiness, catches our attention using her unique knack for humor. She can just enter the room and lightens up the mood with her array of witty jokes as if she's doing a comedy stint. "Lahat ng friends ko kilala ako as a joker. Gusto ko kasi laging masaya." She quips. And you can just imagine how much this girl is so fun to be with.

But when she starts to do her thing, posing and flirting with our camera, stripping little by litte with a sexy smirk on her face, you'll notice that this vixen is one serious business. Well, awestrucking curves like that is no joke afterall. And you won't be needing any tests if your blood pressure suddenly rises 10 feet above ground, you may know very well who the culprit is. Afterall, we know Kyoko's simply just your type.

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