Friday, June 6, 2014

Daniella Jose - Hot and Sexy Photos

Pure and simple: this was a beach. Sand, sun, and surf, and that was it—none of the hullabaloo that you’d find in commercialized beaches.

As we waited for Daniella, who at that point was still getting dolled up, the rest of the crew put on some sun block lotion, and proceeded to do what people do in a beach.

In between the swimming and the lounging around, we talked about just how lucky we were to be there, and how unbelievably serene the place was. It may have been the heat, but we almost offered a prayer of thanks to the deities of the sea and the forest that surrounded the cove for letting us cavort in its beauty.

Until, finally, Daniella entered the scene, and promptly stole the show. We were obviously enamored with the place, so much so that we had forgotten the original reason for our visit. It was only when Daniella’s villainous confidence and sex appeal greeted us, that we were reminded—like an epic slap to the face—that we went to Baler for a purpose.

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