Friday, June 6, 2014

Danica Laxamana - Hot and Sexy Photos

We have one very important piece of information on Danica Laxamana: Should she catch you staring at her, don’t waste any minute. Go up and chat the lady, damnit! Because such beauty as Danica is hard to resist. Any other dude knows that.

And should she catch him staring at her and he gets up to talk to her, well, pin your hopes to zero. Make sure you have Jeff Buckley’s “Lover, You Should Have Come Over” in handy. Play that song over and over again; that should mask the sound of your crumpling heart. And or the fact that you’re already banging your head to a wall. Sad scenario, ain’t it?

While it’s true her beauty is paralyzing, you must get a hold of yourself and snap back to reality. Then act fast. “Gusto ko kasi magtitinginan muna kami, tapos lalapit na siya. Kapag hindi siya lumapit magtitinginan na lang talaga kami!” Danica says.

So better man up, people. Use this May to practice looking at our pretty vixen in the eye. We volunteer ourselves to be your wingman!

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