Friday, June 6, 2014

Cathy Ili - Hot and Sexy Photos

Cathy is not one to play it safe. She is a go-getter. She sees an opening, a chance to do something crazy fun, and she grabs it the way a toddler hangs on to a new favorite toy. It is quite juvenile, the way she weighs what or what not to do—not unlike the manner by which a moth decides that it, in fact, is going to flutter right into the flame.

We are not one to complain. If she hadn’t thought it a good idea to hop on the next bus to Angeles right after a night of partying in one club in Timog, then we would not have had anything scandalous to look at right now. This is her first time. It’s a fantastic first time, she tells us, one that she wouldn’t mind doing again for all you nipple-loving readers out there. Kathy promotes parties at clubs for a living, but right now the only party she’s promoting is the one in our pants. Ba dum tss!

That there's a danger in being reckless should be obvious enough. In our interview, she freely reveals a pretty wild encounter with an athlete, which we’d gladly clue you in on if we were a tabloid. There are things that she does, and things that she says that could be the start of a wonderful controversy. But so far, and as far as we know, she hasn’t yet gotten scorched. Until that happens, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the woman, our reason being that we are dearly attracted to her freewheeling ways. This is Kathy, and she is at her most—pardon the pretentious choice of word—effervescent playing with a little fire.

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