Thursday, June 5, 2014

Berna Kano (Premiere Vixen Model) - Hot and Sexy Photos

If not for a little peer pressure from her friends, Berna Kano may have stayed well-hidden within the confines of her computer shop. Or she might have seemed like some sort of an apparation, as we get a fast glimpse of her in some TV ads. "I gave it a go signal siguro sa influence na rin ng mga friends ko, most of them are models and are now currently part of the [Premiere] Vixens." Berna explains.

A good decision, we reckon. Because getting to know Berna Kano is a huge win for all male-dom. Who can resist such a beauty? And really. Berna deserves all the admiration—and more.

"I’m always voted as our class’ muse back in high school, then after that, I got lots of offers to join pageants." Berna tells us. "Kaya lang matatalo ako sa height, pero pagdating sa looks department, panalo ako." She ends up the sentence with a mischievous grin.

Finally we smell confidence coming from her. Little did we know that is just the start. Soon, her hips started swaying. And as she showed more of her curves, her eyes begin to invite. Soon, we were warped. It was just her, us, and the flashes of the camera.

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