Friday, June 6, 2014

Arra Pascual - Hot and Sexy Photos

City life could be tough. It's eat or be eaten. It's either you win or you die. For someone as petite as this month's hottie, Arra Pascual, that harsh reality couldn't be any more pronounced. Little girl in a big city. It's the perfect premise for for some Hollywood movie about chasing dreams amidst a sea of real nightmares. Consider ourselves blessed then to have a protagonist who's gifted with ambition and drive. She's going to make it, she tells us. And just by looking at her eyes, we could tell that her words are true and pure.

Flashback to Arra's childhood. Coming from a family of lawyers, this beauty from Zamboanga del Norte notes that her upbringing was very conservative. For a free soul such as her, naturally, her rebellious spirit takes over. She decides to follow her dream, which,in her own words, is to become a public figure. It's a goal that she has party fulfilled, seeing as she's now in our pages, and also, a DJ on-the-rise.

Yet, Arra remains hungry. At one point in our conversation with her, we tell her, "You seem pretty feisty." She considers it a big compliment, and thanks us. Yet, she doesn't believe it. She can be tougher, she says. Life still has a lot to teach her, and by her body language and tone, we could tell that she's more than willing to learn. That is where we truly realized that this lady is really something. She's stunning, intoxicating in more ways than one, but what we found sexiest about her is that she's bold enough to continue taking forward steps toward her goal. Will she succeed? She says to check back in 5 years. Odds are though our protagonist won't be one to sink.

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