Friday, June 6, 2014

Alexis Valle - Hot and Sexy Photos

If everyone assumes the world will meet its demise this year, then allow us to bring up a congruence: this might very well be the last January we will ever encounter in our lives. Is that an imaginary ticking clock we’re hearing?

Which means this is the first among the last of the FHM 100% Hotties we will ever come upon and witness. A scary thought for sure, but we choose to align with the positive, especially with a babe like Alexis Valle showcasing her heavenly curves to attest that our pre-apocalyptic days can and will be worthwhile, if not sensible.

And who knows how the world will end, really? For all we know, maybe the gods of fate would change their minds upon seeing her delightful female form. Maybe her innocent looks and unprecedented sex appeal are enough to provide worldly salvation. Maybe the earth isn’t doomed, and this is just a ploy for us to appreciate all the beauty left in the world, right?

All the same, Alexis wants to give it all like there’s no tomorrow. The world is still fair that way. So ladies and gentlemen, happy thoughts!

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