Saturday, May 3, 2014

Alex Moreno - Hot and Sexy Photos

You wouldn’t have known from talking to someone as kalog and loose-lipped as Alex Moreno that she was once one of the properly prim, non-speaking briefcase girls of Deal or No Deal.

But she would have told you she’s a lesbian. Not because our May 2014 Online Babe likes to brag about it—no, she just likes to keep things honest. Painfully honest: “Pucha naman, ang lakas kaya manakot ng mga lalaki ngayon. Tingin pa lang parang kakagatin na ako,” she tells us.

On especially sticky-weathered days like these, this is how we like our women: honest and not agonizingly mysterious, easy to talk to and be around, beautiful in underwear, and completely able to make fun of herself—or in Alex’s case, make fun of her name: “I sometimes spell Alex with an “H” just for fun.” She says, playfully adding: ”Wala lang. Sabihin mo yung Ahhhhlex. Ha ha ha! Diba mas mahalay pakinggan?” And it looks like she’s already asking the right questions.

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