Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Anash Asia Gomez - Very Hot Filipina Model

As our search for the beautiful Filipina continues, we came across the beautiful, super sexy with her natural sensuality and sexy appeal oozing out of this Filipina. Her name is Anash Asia Gomez and I have been researching as to who is this goddess that nobody knows about. Could she be an angel or an emissary sent by the goddess Venus to spread beauty in our planet called earth. Other than being a model ?, there is nothing about this Filipina beauty. Why is she not in the entertainment lime light, such as the movies, the modeling world or something, With the exemption of this images and others online, I do not know anything more. If you do not share the same feeling of emptiness, the wanting that can not be fulfilled, after seeing the beautiful pictures of Asia Gomez, something is wrong with you somewhere. Well, before my frustrations gets any larger than what it is right now, let me present Anash Asia Gomez.

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